Roll of Ages

Ancient Cycle:

Age of Darkness (Untold Eons), during which there was naught but darkness and cold. Nameless entities float through the void.

Age of the Depths (Untold Eons), an era of great oceans and the rise of the Aboleths.

Age of Dawn (Untold Eons), the first sun and the creation of warmth and land. Aboleths rule the seas while the first gods walk the land.

Age of Beasts (Untold Eons), the creation of the great land beasts, serpents. The krakens arise in the deep, Aboleths retreat into the under seas.

The First Cycle:

Age of the Immortals (60,000 Years), the rise of the first fey lords, they wander in small tribes and groups.

Age of Dragons (30,000 Years), first war among the gods gives birth to the races of the dragons. Great draconic empires arise across the planes.

Age of Elves (15,000 Years), founding and rule of the elves in Dwernadil. Development of spell casting as a discipline, primarily by elves in areas of illusion, enchantment, transmutation, divination and abjuration.

Age of Shadows (6,000 Years), creation of the orcs by the god Gruumsh. The development of necromancy, conjuration and evocation.

Age of Orcs (10,000 Years), fall of Dwernadil to Ar’zan and the Shadow Council during The Shadow War. Orc empires rise and fall in eons of senseless slaughter. Ar’zan discovers the secrets of lichdom and turns Ner’zhul into the first vampire.

The Second Cycle:

Age of Man (737 Years), destruction of the Shadow Council by the human Mage Arellthion. Rise of the great kingdom of Amaranthar.

Age of War (436 Years), fracturing of the kingdom of Amaranthar into Amaranth and Remen. Rediscovery of the Orc kingdoms of Zan’thul, Aber’thul and Grusn’thul.

Age of Expansion (386 Years), founding of the kingdoms of Cronodar, Theonfall and Terromarch. Creation of the dragon wastes during the Battle of Godsfall. Ar’zan betrays Gruumsh and takes the god’s eye.

Age of Blood (1285 Years), the Dragon king Zassomathugar (Zassom) sacks Theonfall and rules the kingdom. Sorcery enters into the blood of humanity.

Age of Dwarves (637 Years), an age of peace and trade broken only on occasion, the great Dwarven city of Aadentagar acts of the balance to keep conflict from escalating. Age ends with the War of the Immortals.

The Third Cycle:

Age of Magic (1319 Years), Erodath rules as God-Emperor over most the world. Founding of the provinces of Shinsan and Kahdesh on the Continent of Drasturiech, Tellisar on the continent of Grathuriech and Vladdos and Kempari on the continent of Felliriech.

Age of Necromancers (634 Years), Ar’zan is awakened and shatters the empire. Great battles occur across the provinces, but settle around Kahdesh and Shinsan. This war becomes known as the Necromancer Wars. In a final bid Erodath ascends to become a God and organizes heroes and villains alike to defeat the Lich.

Age of Stars (523 Years), Kahdesh becomes the Empire of Stars and rises as the global power. The high wizards circumvent Erodath’s control of magic through the creation of Arcane Engines that tap the energies of the Far Realm.

Age of Madness (696 Years), the Sundering of the Master Engine, the fall of Empire of Stars. The entities known as That Which Is, That Which Watches and That Which Dominates enter through the shattered crystal. Madness spreads across the world.

Age of Demons (976 Years), the rise of the Dragon Prince and Demon Princes of Shinsan. The First Summoning of the princes and the defeat of That Which Dominates and That Which Watches. That Which Is reunites the Aboleths, creating the Empire Below.

The Fourth Cycle:

Age of Chaos (271 Years), setting of the Necromancer campaign, shattering of the one of the remaining Arcane Engines. Creation of the first new Arcane Engine created by the Wizard Kelsier, defeat of Shinsan’s Demon Prince and reimprisonment of Ar’zan

Age of Faith (Current), setting of the Heroes Risen campaign. Escalation of the Wars in Darkness between the Illithid Cities of Grotharduun and the Drow nation Manassonarsi. The start of the Theocrat Wars that drag in all the nations on the continent of Tanarahair.

Roll of Ages

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