War of the Immortals

This war took place in the year 632 of the Dwarven Age and lasts until year 637 of the Dwarven Age.

Primary Individuals:

Erodath Draconis, Human Wizard, Emperor of the Draconis Empire

Teldis Onderleon, Immortal Elven Wizard, Tyrant of the Alliance

Basic Overview:

The conflict begins as a war of aggression with Erodath attempting to expand his empire. Two nearby kingdoms (Cronodar and Theonfall) fall to his armies in a single year of campaigning.

The following year, Teldis arrives in the northern kingdom of Amaranth and begins to claim he is the only heir to the fabled First Ones. The combination of his magical power and seeming immortality allow him to quickly unite the kingdoms of Remen, Amaranth and Aadentagar in an alliance.

War continues for several years with Erodath and Teldis refusing to face each other openly. Finally, Erodath sneaks north, stealing the Staff of the Arcanist from the Necromancer’s Vault. This artifact tipped the balance into his favor however he hid the success. Erodath pulled his armies from the front, enticing Teldis to attack.

As the war progresses the northern alliance is struck by plague and famine. At first, sages attribute the disasters to the war but this proves not to be true. Teldis was feeding on the life forces of his subjects, causing disease and weakness to maintain his immortality. This was not necessary while he (or his people) lived in the realm of Fairie, however on the prime there was not enough life to offset the drain.

In the fifth year of war Teldis marched the combined armies of Remen, Amarath and Aadentagar along with reinforcements from the barbarian tribes of the central steppes and the Orc kingdoms of Zan’thul and Grusn’thul, south into Cronodar. The battle became the decisive encounter with both Teldis and Erodath taking the field.

Erodath proved the stronger of the two although hundreds of thousands died to Teldis’ hunger. He used the life force of those that fell to fuel his magic, annihilating their souls. It proved to be a futile effort as Teldis died on the plains outside Danodar.

War of the Immortals

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