Virhiem Haborru


Virhiem Haborru is depicted as a older human male, most often wielding either a warhammer or longsword. Always pictured wearing heavy armor and a cloak of crimson fabric.


The Church of Virhiem is based on the preservation of civilization through the forge of war. Virhiem says that both magic and technology are tools for the construction of ever greater civilizations. Virhiem teaches that War should have rules, but not all opponents will follow them. The Knights of the Code are the arm of the church that seeks to “educate” those groups that do not follow the rules.

The Code
The Code consists of three sets of duties:

* Duty to Honor. This duty stresses courage, justice, valor and faithfulness to church superiors as officers of law.
* Duty to Oaths. This duty stresses obedience, devotion to the church, and placing the needs of the quest and the faith above those of yourself.
* Duty to Combat. This duty stresses strength through force of arms, skill and proper application of force.


The most sacred texts of the Church of Virhiem are the Chronicles. The texts were penned by Virhiem himself during the Necromancer Wars. The texts are a combination of strategic treatis and spiritual exploration.


Fenes, Virhiem views Fenes as his creator. They share a love of mankind’s inventiveness. They have a strained but respectful relationship.

Erodath, Virhiem was the Lord General of the Draconis Empire under Erodath for many years. Virhiem was the one entrusted by Erodath to finish the war after Erodath’s ascension. They occasionally disagree about the methods, but are fast allies and friends. The church of Erodath recognizes Virhiem as a Greater God and Erodath’s peer.



Maglubiyet, Virhiem is diametrically opposed to the God of Goblinoids. Maglubiyet is lord over war for war’s own sake and believes that the only rule of war is slaughter. Virhiem’s clergy teach that at the end of the current age, Virhiem and Maglubiyet will fight a terrible battle. The victory will determine if the next age brings a golden age of civilization or an age of darkness and violence.

Virhiem Haborru

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