The Shadow War

This war took place in the waning years of the Age of Shadows. This war ended in the fall of Dwernadil and the start of the Age of Orcs.

Primary Individuals:

Ner’zhul, Orc Shaman, Member of the Shadow Council

Ar’zan, Orc Wizard, Leader of the Shadow Council

Remenari Jenolen, Elf Wizard, High-Wizard of Dwernadil

Amarantir Lellir, Elf Cleric, King of Dwernadil

Basic Overview:

As Orc civilization continues to thrive in the east, the Elven city of Dwernadil becomes increasingly cut off from any allies. When Ar’zan and Ner’zhul move, they bring the entire might of the Orcish nations against the walls of Dwernadil. The Elves are unprepared and while their magic is great, they are unable to turn the tide against the millions that flood against them.

Realizing that their city will be lost, Remenari Jenolen uses his magic to turn the Craneflight forests surrounding Dwernadil into a poisonous moor later knowns as the Cranwast Moor or the Mourn Lands. With this action, the Orcish horde was shattered and Ar’zan and Ner’zhul were robbed of the prize of taking Dwernadil. Amarantir Lellier, the Elven king led his people west and north out of the swamp and further from the Orcs. Using their advanced magic and crafting, they allied with the human tribes of the Anthirim Plains and founded the nation of Amaranthar.

The Shadow War

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