Necromancer Wars

This war takes place in year 1 of the Age of Necromancers and lasts until year 634 of the Age of Necromancers. (This war covers the entire age.)

Primary Individuals:

Erodath Draconis, Demigod Wizard, God-Emperor of the Draconis Empire

Ar’zan, Lich (Orc) Necromancer, First of the Undead

Basic Overview:

With all of Medentri under the control of the Draconis Empire, dissidents begin to arise against him. People are generally happy, but the orcs of Zan’thul desire independance. In a bid for power, the remenants of the Shadow Council open the Necromancer’s Vault.

In moments, Ar’zan awakens. He drains the poor souls instantly and begins a war a attrition against Erodath’s empire. The battles last centuries, Ar’zan slowly gaining power and followers. Erodath forced to retreat further.

Finally, Erodath hatches a plan: to ascend to Godhood and he might temporarily sever the Necromancer’s connection to magic and give others the chance to defeat Ar’zan. As battles rage, Erodath prepares for decades. Allies and enemies are organized together and positioned to strike in an instant.

The war ends with Erodath ascending to Lordship over magic and organizes the diverse force for the first time in history. In that moment, Ar’zan is weakened and Erodath’s allies strike. The Necromancer is imprisoned again in a tomb to the north of the city of Kahdesh.

Necromancer Wars

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