Heroes Risen

Heroes Risen is a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in the expansive world of Medentri

The Heroes

There is a rotating crew of heroes played by a core of 6 players. Each player has 2 or more characters that they can bring. From a management standpoint, larger groups occur, but for various reasons the group hovers around 7 characters at any given time.

Reverend Graham, LN Male Half Elven Cleric of Virhiem, God of Honor

Malexus, TN Male Tiefling Wizard

Leopold Rempeles, CN Male Lightfoot Halfling Warlock of Chronos, Vestige of Time

Tomas Requias, LN Male Human Monk

Robin Shornurst, CN Female Half Elven Rogue

Lilly Griffinfriend, CN Female Eladrin Ranger

Elenor Urd, CN Female Lightfoot Halfling Rogue

Barbara “Babs” Silv, CN Female Elven Barbarian

Sheeba Zaphing, CN Female Rock Gnome Sorceress

Lucius Lovington, TN Female Half Elven Bard

The Extras

In addition to the cast of heroes, several players join us occasionally, often enough to have their own PCs but not to be major fixtures of the ongoing story.

Drif Staidwood, LN Male Hill Dwarf Fighter

Shadd Asone, LN Female Stout Halfling Paladin of Erodath, God of Magic

Jinx Silkscale, LN Male Dragonborn Fighter

Telthir Ravenstraad, LN Male Human Wizard

Xerk Ruthbar, CN Male Lightfoot Halfling Bard

Heroes Risen